Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Starting an RPG blog. Oh how original...

Please note that the date is wrong. It's 2011. The purpose of this blog has changed a couple of times so it keeps getting edited.
So it appears I've been allowed to run a Call of Cthulhu game for some guys at my uni's gaming and rpg society. Frankly I'm quite looking forward to it. I started keeping relatively recently and as such am looking for opportunities to improve. Needless to say, being given free reign over a bunch of freshers to torment and drive insane is as good an exercise as any, and I relish the anticipation.

While I wish not to publish details of myself of others on the 'net, if you have any suspicions that you're in my group, please don't read the majority of this blog. Anything tagged 'player safe' will be fine for you. Similarly, for everyone else, these will be the posts containing no spoilers etc. so beware

While I haven't actually got my players yet (and thus perhaps this blogging thing is a little preemptive), I shall be assigned them in a week or so. They have to express an interest, and there are plenty of alternative groups running D&D and Shadowrun etc (though I don't recall any WoD DMs which is odd...) so I should get players who are willing to buy in properly. Not that I'd put up with people who had been arbitrarily stuck in my group. Nor they with me if they had any sense at all. So I thought I'd start be examining the probable course that at least the initial sessions will take. At some point, after they're settled, I want to run them through Spawn of Azathoth. A) because it looks fun, varied and interesting, B) because even relatively new players should have a decent chance with it and C) because I don't want to spoil a 'classic' campaign like Masks, HoTOE or BTMoM when there is a good chance we may not finish it and all the players are relatively new etc. etc.

However, that is probably getting a bit ahead of myself at this point. Obviously I need to introduce them to the concepts of the game and all first. So, where to start?
I think the rulebook will be the best place. I'll be introducing the rules verbally as and when we need them and allowing them to read the rules and skills etc. on their own time if they're interested, so there'll be no need for quick-start sheets or anything. This approach has worked well before and thus prevents a lengthy discussion on the mechanics of grappling followed by a dozen or so sessions of gaming in which no one even thinks about using the skill.

But, more importantly (I think), I shall be running a scenario from said rulebook. No, not that one. I dislike The Haunting, having run it before. It's ok, but I feel it's too dungeon-crawly for my tastes, and crucially -SPOILER- the player research plays absolutely no part and has no relevance at all. And certainly doesn't help defeat the Giant Mook. (Welcome back, I have no doubt that link just consumed a good 4 hours of your day. Sorry.) -/SPOILER-

No. I shall be running Edge Of Darkness. It looks a much more solid adventure, with some -SPOILER- nice magicky bits and zombies and research that will actually help, what with the ritual and all. -/SPOILER-. After that, I'll probably run something from the Dreamlands box to get them acquainted with that particular setting too. Then a couple of practice adventures to segue into the beginning of Spawn, by introducing familiar NPC A. Or Plot-Hook-Man as you may know him, he features in many major campaigns/adventures, but requires a little effort to get the players invested in him...

More notes to follow as I prep for the first session.

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