Friday, 24 February 2012

Upcoming Posts

As much as a reminder for me as any (and I'm not convinced there are at the moment) readers out there, this is the plan with current projects:

- I've got a copy of the 'Mortal Coils' coming in the post, which has been recommended many times and I'm quite excited to read it and I'll post my thoughts when I do.

- Runequest II also came yesterday so I may post some plans for a campaign for that. Also a very interesting magic system which has got me thinking about different magic systems but I don't know if enough for a full post

- The Burning Stars from Terrors From Beyond for CoC. Running this legendary scenario for a one-off group this Sunday and due to the high amount of interest in the scenario over at Yog-Sothoth I'll be posting a write-up of the scenario and a semi-review. 

Probable rants on:
- Leveling vs Stat increases, character progression in general
- RPG Book Design
- Death (and other ways of permanently retiring characters)

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