Friday, 23 March 2012

But, But, What If He Wrecks Everything?!

I made a rather rash decision yesterday. At the moment I have a lot of work going on as the end of term rushes inexorably closer and I have to complete deadlines and prepare work for my dissertation so to protect next monday's session from cancellation I am handing the reins over to one of my players.

This will be somewhat of an interesting experience to say the least. As gaming compatriots we go right back to both of our first games and in fact I've only ever run one session in which he didn't participate. So I've no fear of his credentials with cthulhoid gaming. However he's never actually GM'd anything before and it's a while since I've been a player so this'll be a learning experience for us both I think.

My main problem is that this has made me reflect on my own progress as a GM over the last year or so. Don't get me wrong, I've improved I think. Certainly I'm more confident and no longer sweat my own body-weight before a session. But he asked for advice on GMing and I came up completely blank. I know what I do in preparation and my own tips but I have a hard time separating what's my own little rituals and what's generally useful practice. I wonder if this is a normal thing or does it just take time to formulate your definitive ideas about gaming style and practice?

Regardless I think I'll try and formulate a list of 'tips' for new GMs based on my own noobish credentials. Should it become substantial enough I'll probably post it over the weekend.

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