Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Things I Get Dragged Into...

Interesting happenstance: I have been roped into playing a game of Maid (no that is not a bad link, this is just somewhat out of character for me...).

I've been reading the rules and so far they seem pretty intuitive and actually fairly interesting. That said, I despise the core mechanic: I just don't see the point of the multiplications of dice-rolls, it only serves to inflate the values seen in gameplay. THis seems to just add unnecessary maths for no real benefit. Though I'm sure there is a reason and my amateur eye hasn't caught up to it yet. Otherwise though it actually seems to be a legit, if rules-light (which I like anyway) system. The GM is replaced by 'The Master' with the players representing his obedient maids and hilarity ensues as the world can be as mundane or as wacky as The Master desires.

Character gen is almost entirely random. You roll on what are essentially tables of fetishes to decide essentially what kink your maid will be fulfilling for your master. Examples include: lolita, leather, werewolves, cat-girls, hermaphrodites and vampires. Plus about 5 dozen others, some more obscure some less so. There is a perversion chart for Demogorgon's sake. It's all done with tongue firmly in cheek (not like that, you dirty sod) though and it takes refuge in audacity fairly well. You get the feeling this game is played by people who take their slightly fetishised games seriously but not so seriously that they can't laugh at themselves while doing it. The best kind of people in other words ;)

In the english translation there is something like 17 scenarios included though the nature of the game means they are basically just frameworks for you to do whatever the hell you want to do.

Needless to say, all the pontificating in the world is pretty useless without having played the game so I shall delay proper judgement till it's done. But I'm fairly certain it's going to depend entirely on meshing well with the GM (who is a first-timer as far as I'm aware) and especially the other players, most of whom I know but there are a couple of surprise players too.

Should be entertaining... I think...

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