Sunday, 26 February 2012

One Page Dungeon Contest

Think I might try my hand at this, the One Page Dungeon Contest:

Fairly self-explanatory really, create an adventure that can be run as written and fits on a single A4 sheet. Around 4 months I started work on a full Call Of 'Thooloo scenario by the name of 'Preacher Man', which stalled and I haven't really had the motivation to restart it. The full version is about 2/3rds complete but adapting it to this format might encourage me to finish the maps and encounters and I can always finish and release the full version at a later date. I'll keep you posted.

*Non sequitur*
An amusing thought also occurred to me the other day. I'm currently reading psychology at university and attempting to establish a basis for my dissertation next year, so I thought why not combine my two loves: psychology and RPGs? I can't see it actually going anywhere, but its a nice little way to entertain myself, especially as I'm particularly interested in language and that's essentially what this hobby is built on...

*Non sequitur*
Even as this publishes, I am running 'The Burning Stars' one-shot. Been looking forward to this all week and it'll be a nice change of pace from my regular campaign to not have to worry about TPKs ruining the flow of the campaign.
Expect a write-up either tomorrow if I have time tonight or Tuesday if I don't. Should be good!

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