Saturday, 25 February 2012

Why Yes, I Do Play A Lot Of BRP Games, Why?

So there's a meme that's been floating around for a while now (about 4 months in fact, I got it here), which I keep meaning to jump on. Because I love my dice. Enough that I take stick about it from my gamer friends and the Gods know they've all got big enough collections. However, my collection as it stands is puny and so I welcome any opportunity to expand it.

As such:
The  highlighted one is just me trying to make the blue D3 visible against the background. I have neither the time nor the photoshop knowledge to make it better, and this was the only available surface to use as a base annoyingly.

Personal highlights include:
- The D5, which is just awesome.
- Both poker dice sets because I don't always carry cards with me.

My favourite 'standard' die has always been and probably will remain the D4, but I have a soft spot for the D20 as like many it was my first non-D6 die. I really want to get my hand on a D100 and a D30. There are a few other novelty dice around that have caught my eye as well, writer's dice and some for generating random fantasy NPCs spring to mind. I also have all the D&D board game dice, but I think they're probably at my parents' house so obviously have not been shown. I very much look forward to getting more dice, even if I don't know why. They're just so damn addictive...

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