Thursday, 1 March 2012

Character Concept: Mikal

A nice little concept for a shamanic character that came to me when I was reading through the Runequest II rulebook. Feel free to steal and/or disassemble as its only a skeleton profile.
Mikal is a Shaman who is obsessed with ascending to join the ranks of the anscestor spirits. His shamanic trainer instructed him that while the ancestors are perfectly happy to teach and instruct, the aspiring shaman should aim to remain rooted in the material plane so as to further teach humanity the virtues that are necessary to progress its relationship to nature and the spiritual world. To symbolise this bond, his exclusive weapon is a ball and chain which he wields to great effect. His spirit animal is a gazelle, which represents the freedom he has spent his entire existence craving. His eventual goal is to become inviolate to all earthly harm so he can spend his time nurturing his connections with the spirit plane and passing this knowledge on.
Due to his nature,he refuses to partake in any practices involving reincarnation of himself or others, viewing death as a sort of spiritual promotion. His Ball and Chain is shackled to his wrist and has a guardian spirit bound to it who aids him when he is attacked and can calm some wild animals when they are enraged.

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